Case Academy for Students and Coaches

Case Academy for Students and Coaches

Case Academy is a curated group of tools and resources to help students learn how to analyze case studies and train for business case competitions.

I began by consulting a number of my former case competition students to find out what types of training content they found most beneficial. We brainstormed different categories for content. I also ran a keyword analysis on Google Adwords around related phrases to see what was being searched the most.

case-academy-screen1 case-academy-screen2 case-academy-screen3case-academy-logo-purple


Notes on the site

  • The live site is currently at
  • The site was created using a free account on, a wysiwyg editor (hence the annoying ads), but was not built from a template.
  • I designed the desktop version first (against best practice), but started with a simple grid layout in mind that I knew would translate to mobile well.
  • I used Sketch ( to create the logo.
  • Currently, the only functional page path is Home > Analysis > 6-Pack Analysis Framework.
  • Eventually, each resource will have a page with a description/content, or will lead directly to an external resource.

Looking ahead, I expect to work with students to source and generate additional content, but first need to look deeper into what content exists (and where demand is) to select categories. If this site grows, I may eventually create a new site using WordPress for a easier content management.


Created by Isaiah Baldissera, Beedie School,