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Interactive documents: using audio + visual together

After producing an audio file/”podcast” on how to read a type of university policy document called an “RRSDA” or records retention schedule, I distributed the audio to various folks and asked for feedback. One frequent piece of feedback was that, for new users, it was simply too difficult to follow …

Recording about records

OERs about records using  (archival) records

The purpose of this podcast is to teach records creators in SFU departments how to read the retention schedules of the university, which are multi-part policy documents called “RRSDAs“.


The podcast is offered in a long version for new employees who have never seen an RRSDA. The podcast is structured into the 6 parts of the policy document, which is displayed alongside the audio so that listeners can visually follow along.

There is also a shorter version for frequent users who just need to a refresher. People tend to only use RRSDAs once or twice a year, and sometimes they just need a reminder of the basics.

Throughout the podcast, I give examples of how to apply RRSDAs to digital records, as well as analog ones.

The podcast uses SFU’s own archival records to provide the music and sound snippets, including the convocation music from 1969 and early radio marketing messages encouraging students to come to SFU. Early audio like this is permanently preserved in the archives, thanks to the departments who created it and used RRSDAs to transfer it to the archives.




Mini teaching tool: How to handle photos in the archives

In the archives, we have thousands of photos that have been produced by SFU departments over the last 50 years, plus plenty of others that are part of the records donated by faculty, campus community members or others. Photographic prints are vulnerable to the oils on our hands, so we ask …

Embedding videos and images from OTsummit

Last week the 3rd annual open textbook summit was held in Vancouver B.C.  There was an amazing turn out and it was clear that this initiative is picking up steam, from various institutions including the BC and Alberta provincial governments, faculty and students. This is an eg. of how media …


Welcome to the world of the animated GIF! One of the final tasks of our EMP program is to get our participants familiar with making and sharing media in the OPEN.  For us that means posting to the Open Educational Media site here! The assignment as posted in Canvas was …

A (PD) Masterclass with Velcro Ripper: Cinematic Activism

Scared Sacred by Velcrow Ripper, National Film Board of Canada Velcro Ripper is one of Canada’s foremost activist documentary filmmakers. I say activist because Velcrow’s films are not dispassionate exercises in objectivity. Instead, he shapes  films around issues and situations he cares deeply about. Velcrow also places himself in his …

Open Education Resources – Librarians, Leadership and Opportunity

BC Campus is hosting an important OER event on Oct. 27 for librarians interested in Open Educational Resources. Come check it out! Monday Oct 27, 2014, Noon – 4 pm Douglas College, New Westminster Campus Aboriginal Gathering Place, Room 4650 BCcampus is pleased to sponsor a half day of professional development …

Open Textbook Event @ SFU Library October 23

Coming up next month at the SFU Library, a special discussion on an innovative practice that is sure to impact the student learning experience, if not their pocketbooks as well. Open Textbooks: New Models in Textbook Production Invites you to …In celebrating Open Access Week, SFU Library is delighted to …

Street Interviews on the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”

In March 2014, Vancouver City Council approved a $1-billion plan to redevelop the Downtown Eastside, covering a large area from Richards Street to Clark Drive (http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/dtes-local-area-plan.aspx). This comprehensive initiative, titled the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”, has created controversy among the public. It is the purpose of this video to contribute to …