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Let’s make some media! EMP Spring 2015 has begun!

Here’s a link to the PDF version of the EMP’s introductory presentation for spring 2015. This includes the Mapping for Impact graphic and our definition and 3Ds – Design, Develop and Distribute model. ***(Heads Up: the links and video won’t play unless you download it and open it in Adobe Acrobat)***

Educational media in Wordle form

The above Wordle graphic illustrates the emphasis on “media” in the conceptualization of “Educational Media”. The Wordle was formed using text on Educational Media gathered from the Internet. The value of collaboration seems to be well represented as well, in the words “team”, “collective” and “people”. ‘Support” is prominent too.

Development of Graphics

[RAZUNA_PLAYER=http://furud.tlc.sfu.ca//razuna/assets/2/4DD7BAB1770949D6B5491B40BADFB2CC/vid/95E85A58FB214525A4CC9E9BC33BAEA9/EMP3_Graphics.mp4,95E85A58FB214525A4CC9E9BC33BAEA9,vid,450,300] A recording of an EdMedia Protege program workshop covering development and use of, and difference between, graphics and infographics.