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Stop Motion Chalk Test # 2

Chal Walk test 2.00_00_28_14.Still001In preparation for ETUG 2015 up here at SFU Burnaby, we decided to try out an activity we’d been thinking about. Stop motion chalk drawing.

PROCESS: It took 2 people close to 1 hour and close to 100 individual stills to get just 30 secs of video.

Music was then created using basic loops in Garage Band.

This is Your Brain….The TLC EdMedia Studio is OPEN!

Do you want to create educational media for your course? Do your students want you to create educational media your course? Well now you can. The Teaching and Learning Centre and the EdMedia Team at SFU have just opened a free, accessible, multi-purpose media studio for faculty and instructors to …

Street Interviews on the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”

In March 2014, Vancouver City Council approved a $1-billion plan to redevelop the Downtown Eastside, covering a large area from Richards Street to Clark Drive (http://vancouver.ca/home-property-development/dtes-local-area-plan.aspx). This comprehensive initiative, titled the “Downtown Eastside Local Area Plan”, has created controversy among the public. It is the purpose of this video to contribute to …