Summary for Thursday, April 5 Session

Summary for Thursday, April 5 Session

Look at that! A a couple of weeks have gone by and we are about to head into into session 5! Not too long ago, we jumped into Open Educational Resources, leading us of course to the final quandary of how copyright plays into memes. But, seriously, whether it be course materials, open texts, videos, or games, OER helps up to avoid reinventing the wheel. I’ve included some of my notes as we progressed through the two-hour session. If you can’t read my left-handed scrawl, check out BCCampus to learn more about their mandate and resources.

“Enabling access to freely available content, information, and data is an essential part of an improved learning environment – for students as well as instructors.”

One brilliant aspect of OERs is that you avoid the “walled garden” that is our own Canvas. Canvas, admittedly, makes it hard to harvest resources within.

One does not simply…borrow others’ photos. Your search should be relatively easy with the options in Google under “Advanced image search” — usage rights are mapped across from Creative Commons. YouTube, Canvas, and Flickr also have this built into their options.

Last thoughts: remember Tony Bates’ “Teaching in a Digital Age”, mentioned as the EdMedia text or required reading (if there was one).




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