Transmedia Comic Book Exercise: Going Visual

Transmedia Comic Book Exercise: Going Visual

For this comic book exercise, there will be two groups that each gets to create a one-page comic book to tell the beginning of this story.  The first group will concentrate on the launch of the story, which is the beginning of Act I where the story is launched, with the characters introduced and the problem identified, while the second group will concentrate on ending Act I, where they leave their home and approach the danger, such as a villain, obstacle or threat.

Group 1 (Act I, part 1):

  • Launches the story
  • How does this story begin?
  • What’s the story hook?  With one-page opening, you need to get to the point fast
  • Who are your characters?  Do they speak or think in a certain way?
  • Why are these characters together?
  • What’s the problem?
  • Refer back to the story questions

Group 2 (Act I, part 2)

  • This takes the opening to the beginning to Act II, where complications come into play
  • Why are they leaving somewhere or to going to their destination?
  • Why is it important?
  • Who or what is trying to stop them?
  • What is the approaching danger?

Here are the unanswered questions in the story:

  1. Why do a soccer player and an old man have a newborn baby?
  2. Does the story take place in 2030 or does that refer to something in the future or the past that they “dream” about?
  3. What is the deadly storm?
  4. Does the King of the Solar System refer to an actual ruler of outer space or is it a nickname or a title of some kind?  Is it real or delusional?
  5. Is the coffee actually “endless” or is it proverbial?
  6. Is Zlatan the actual famous soccer player or someone else named that?
  7. Where do they need to get to?
  8. How will getting to their destination achieve their goals?