Interactive documents: using audio + visual together

Interactive documents: using audio + visual together

After producing an audio file/”podcast” on how to read a type of university policy document called an “RRSDA” or records retention schedule, I distributed the audio to various folks and asked for feedback.

One frequent piece of feedback was that, for new users, it was simply too difficult to follow along without looking at a sample document. The audio alone was fine for people who have already seen policy documents of this type, but new folks needed to SEE and HEAR in order to figure out what I was talking about.

This led me to ThingLink, an educational tool that allows you to embed sound, video, and links into a static document to construct an interactive experience for the user. The result is below.

If this document is not interactive (i.e., nothing pops up as you mouse over the doc), access it instead on ThingLink.

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  1. Hi Joy, Thanks for posting this. I’ve tried your media asset over at thinglink and it rocks! Will be very curious to see how your audience uses this. I know you were having some issues embedding this onto a webpage (or this post) I plan to try this out soon to see what the hassle is all about. I hope its not a premium feature!

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